Have you been wanting to start a strength training program but are unsure of where to begin?

Do you want to add some power and distance to your golf swing?

Are you already competing in a sport and looking for an incredible edge to your production while creating more time to focus on your technique and recovery strategy?

Are you dedicated to your field of business and looking for a way to effectively “get it done” in only one hour per week? 

Do you have a child who is competing in sports and want to be sure that they develop proper “fundamental movement” to lower injury risk and allow them to achieve your potential?

If any of the above questions provoke a yes, please call our office now and make an appointment to see Strider. I will customize a program specific to your needs.

 By integrating multiple techniques such as “slow motion fitness“, “F.M.S.“, and “Specific Kettle Bell Training” I can create a personalized program for you to best achieve your goals. My approach allows me to re-calibrate your “Fundamental Movement” and bio-mechanical foundation. By cleaning up any inefficiencies the results will come faster. My clients range from teenagers to 70+ with great results. The path to creating a strong body isn’t necessarily sports specific, but is 100% effective. I invite you to

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