Functional Movement Systems is a system designed to identify weak and dangerous movements.

The functional movement screen is allows observation of the human body through seven tests of basic movement patterns.  These patterns were designed to reveal any disfunction in fundamental movement that cause:

  • tightness
  • pain
  • micro-trauma
  • lack of mobility

By clearing these movement patterns through corrective exercises, we can eliminate inefficiencies and restore quality of your muscle foundation that you once had.

We understand that our bodies have adapted to injuries and distorted postures from sports and work related conditions.  This causes for the body to have adaptations and poor muscle memory.  Adding a workout regimen to an unbalanced body can magnify existing conditions.  We would like to help you customize an exercise program to reset this system into your muscle memory.   This system is currently being utilized by olympic athletes, NFL, NBA, MLB, as well as occupational ergonomic evaluators, and the Professional Golf Association.   Regardless of your current physical state, FMS is not a sport specific program, as it has offered physical freedom to many from ages 10-80.  The exercises teach you to reset the muscle memory in your body and does not require special equipment or fancy gyms.  FMS is the gold standard cutting edge exercise program, and we encourage you to join Strider Kerrick for an evaluation and training session today.  Call (808)344-5066