Mike Keller

Dr. Mike Keller D.C. / A.R.T.

Dr. Mike is a freshly graduated Doctor of Chiropractic as of August 2018.  He graduated from the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard Illinois.  His specialty is human biomechanics and performance. He is a fully certified ART provider since 2017. I enjoy utilizing movement patterns along with mechanical and orthopedic assessments to generate an effective understanding of my patient’s musculoskeletal conditions.  After thorough mechanical assessment, I implement a variety of treatment modalities appropriate for the patients specific condition and stage of the injury/healing process.  I incorporate Chiropractic manipulation, Active Release Techniques, rehabilitative exercises, and nutritional supplementation as treatment modalities.  My goal is to carefully progress patients through their rehabilitation stages and to get them back to athletic performance or performing activities of daily living at an increased capacity.  In his spare time he enjoys weightlifting, running, mountain biking, swimming, learning to surf, and long boarding around town.

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