Massage Therapy at Galan Sports Chiropractic

Thank you for your interest in Massage Therapy at Galan Sports Chiropractic. Massage is one of the most ancient modalities used to address pain and help people achieve optimum wellness. Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, or you want to set a goal to heal and repair an injury or painful condition, our highly trained Massage Therapists are here to provide an elite level of treatment for you.

Before your massage therapy session starts, we will discuss your symptoms, your medical history and what you’re hoping to get out of massage. Your therapist will design a personalized treatment plan to address your areas of concern. We will use a range of techniques to realign muscle fibers, reduce adhesions or “knots” and deactivate trigger points. Our main goals are to create a nurturing and positive environment where we can help you to decrease pain and increase range of motion to get you in top working condition. We look forward to seeing you.  Call Today (808)344-5066