Delivered by the hands of a Chiropractic Doctor is a safe, effective, and natural hands on method of health care. Our Chiropractors can effectively diagnose your symptoms and get you on the road to better health.  Our daily lives can lead to breakdowns (ankle sprain, pulled groin, pulled hamstring, or repetitive stress disorders such as carpal tunnel). Our muscles, bones and joints, and spine can become misaligned. Chiropractic addresses these breakdowns and the corresponding disruption of nerve function due to misaligned vertebra. 

Active Release Techniques

Advanced Soft Tissue care systems that have specific protocols for specific problems. In the past, there have been broad and generalized diagnosis such as tendonitis, tennis elbow, muscle strain/sprain, carpal tunnel.  Now with the advancement of ART, we can address the problem immediately at the source with specific protocols to fix and repair the injured tissue.

 K-Laser Pain management Therapy

Laser Therapy or “Photobiomodulation,” is the use of specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects such as improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation, and decreased inflammation and scar tissue. K-Laser is the highest power class IV laser on the market today. It is proven to biostimulate tissue repair and accelerate healing. Laser Therapy has been utilized in Europe by doctors since the 1970’s. Laser Therapy was FDA approved in the USA in 2002 and is now extensively used in the United States.

Therapeutic Massage

Muscles can become tight from over use, poor posture, or stress carried in our neck and shoulders.  Therapeutic massage can help us reconnect with our bodies by improving circulation and flexibility.  We have found the experts.  Our Licensed Massage Therapists have advanced training in deep tissue, and sports Therapy, as well as a deep understanding  anatomy, sports and occupational injuries.

Strength Training

Our strength training starts with safety.  With the development of slower safer movements, we are able to train and coach clients on how to obtain their strength building goals.  Different from body building, our program is designed to help you obtain a healthy strong lifestyle.  This program is for the individual who wants to spend 1 hour weekly and still obtain all of their goals.  These goals typically are to achieve maximum strength with minimal time, and obtain a long lean physique.

Bio-mechanical Evaluation

People have pain in their lower back, or neck, or shoulders, but they cannot identify how or when the injury occurred.  We also see patients that are addicted to their sport of choice, and want to perform it better.  This is where our simple easy break down diagnosing technique works best.  With our easy diagnosing system, we are now able to have the patient perform simple functional movements, and identify limited ranges of motion, pain, and identify the exact cause.  This is regularly performed with an ART treatment.  This method has been well documented, and is currently being used by the NFL, and Professional Golf Association.

ART Golf Conditioning

Golfing can be fun and provides hours of continuous personal growth and pursuit of ultimate technique. Whether you are new to the sport or have had some recent frustrations.  We are here to help you regain an instant knowledge and treatment program on improving your game score, and improving the way you feel before, during, and afterwards with special attention to removing restrictions.  Restrictions cause other parts of our body to compensate, which can lead to hitting fat, skinny, losing acceleration, or loss of power and accuracy.  Call us now to get help today. (808)344-5066

FMS-Functional Movement Systems

This is a service performed by Certified Personal Trainer Strider Kerrick, which helps evaluate and diagnose dangerous movement patterns.  The simple yet very effective screen is performed. Then a system of customized exercises will be instructed to help you achieve a better balanced body.  This helps re-engage the core as the initial movement.  This aids in developing proper body mechanics and safer movements with regular activity and sports.