Abe Galan L.M.T. Mat 6360 / A.R.T.

Licensed as a Massage Therapist graduating from the National Holistic Institute 1999. Abe has been fully certified in Active Release Techniques since 2002. In 2005 he was promoted by the Founder of ART, (Dr. Mike Leahy) to represent Active Release Techniques as an Instructor. “I found that teaching A.R.T. really has its benefits because it keeps me involved in the latest technique development, and strengthens my skill level as a provider.” Abe feels committed to his patients, and dedicated as a problem solver. “My goals as a therapist is to understand and resolve painful problems. It’s exciting and challenging for me.” Abe also enjoys Sports perfomance care. His treatment will enhance flexibility, and improve performance for athletes of all skill levels. He was certified in Ambulatory Emergency Medicine in 1993 while attending College. If Abe feels certain that he can help you, you can expect that he will project a positive mental attitude, and have confidence behind his work. On days off he enjoys playing Flamenco Guitar, Flamenco Guitar construction, Portrait Photography, windsurfing, golfing, swimming, and Salsa Dancing.

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