What is Acupuncture? 

Acupuncture is a part of a system of Oriental Medicine (which also includes herbology, diet and nutrition, and Tai Chi and Qi Gong) and has been utilized for thousands of years to treat millions and millions of people.  Fundamentally, needles are inserted into a combination of points along pathways/meridians that cover the body.  The goal is to balance the flow of Qi (energy) and Blood in order to promote health and alleviate pain and suffering.

Do the needles hurt?

People typically describe the needle insertion as either pain free or like a mosquito bite.  I use disposable, high quality Japanese made needles that are so fine they are flexible!

Can I benefit from Acupuncture?

Most people come to Acupuncture because they are limited by pain or neurologic problems and have heard of the efficacy of Acupuncture in relieving these kinds of symptoms.  It works to stimulate healing by balancing the flow of Qi (for instance, pain indicates that Qi is not flowing freely) and stimulating Blood flow – thus reducing inflammation and nourishing the injured tissue.  Acupuncture is an extremely effective adjunct to Active Release Techniques (ART), Chiropractic care, massage, or traditional Western medicine and can expedite healing.

Acupuncture is very effective in treating many other conditions, including but not limited to:

Digestive disorders

High blood pressure

Menopausal symptoms

Fertility issues

Sleeping difficulties

Anxiety and depression


After my symptoms resolve, then what?

Although most people come to Acupuncture for relief from some physical symptom(s), many continue with regular treatments for stress relief, immune boosting/preventative care, and a greater sense of well being.  For instance,  a patient who had come for weekly treatments for over a year noticed that during the recent cold and flu season she had better health than her work colleagues and fewer symptoms than the previous year.
Additionally, while feeling free of physical limitations is invaluable, the stress reduction, overall health and  well being, and relaxation experienced with Acupuncture may be its greatest benefit though it may not be readily apparent.  In fact, a recent study on rats demonstrated that Acupuncture reduced blood levels of a stress related molecule (neuropeptide Y).  As more and more data indicates that stress is a factor in many of our chronic diseases, it is important to find ways to decrease stress levels and improve our quality of life.  Let Acupuncture help you with your health care needs.

I look forward to assisting you to achieve better health by using a gentle approach with this ancient medicine.  Oriental Medicine addresses not just your physical body but the whole of you so that you can have a vibrant and full life!